Who are the Inebriati?

Well, we could tell you a story about an ancient secret order of powerful, yet discerning drinkers who have nudged the great events of history until they reached this long-sought Golden Spirited Age.

How else do you explain craft breweries and distilleries popping up like spring flowers everywhere?

Regardless of past mysteries, today the Inebriati seek to collect and share the ever-growing Spirited Wisdom of the world and make it readily available to all who wish to learn and enjoy responsibly!

  • Learn to imbibe with intelligence and a keen sense of quality, finding the particular elixirs in which your tastes revel.
  • Discover techniques to equip, stock, and live a Spirited social lifestyle with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Find recipes to combine fine ingredients into beverages that can please any palate, accompany any occasion, or complement any meal.
  • Share your personal experiences and explorations in the Spirited realms, so that others may reach a similar sophistication.

And soon we’ll be announcing plans to create Inebriati tasting clubs, online memberships, and showing off some tools and accoutrements that will ease and enhance your pursuit of Spirited Wisdom!

So make merry! And join us by sharing your wisdom!

Become one of the Inebriati. And live our motto: “Vitam Felicitatem Bibite.”

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