Drinking with Discernment: Being a Responsible and Sophisticated Drinker

Beer, Cocktails, Shots, Wine! What alcoholic drinks do you prefer? For sure, the list is going to be endless, and each will have their own preferences. At the end of the day, however, the important things are to not only have fun while you are drinking but to also stay safe and sound, which points out into being responsible. Are you the type of person who pukes after having one too many drinks? Do you get into fist or catfights just because alcohol has got into your system? Do you end up suffering from accidents because of driving after drinking? If you have been in any of the following situations, it may now be the right time to raise standards in drinking and be mindful of your responsibility not only to yourself, but for others as well.

As a way of being more responsible when you are drinking, it is important to highlight sophistication. Do not be like anyone who drinks just whatever is laid on the table, like a kid eager to eat candies served by strangers. Rather, you must practice discernment, giving every drink a second thought. By being an intelligent drinker, the night would end up being more fun. In the end, a crazy night out is not about how drunk you are, but the good time you had while staying sane and in perfect shape, – which means being able to get your home safely!

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

This is perhaps one of the best ways by which you can consume alcohol while being able to stay responsible and more importantly, sophisticated. Even been in a bar where you can see some free riding party-goers who just drink whatever is one the house or whatever is in the table? Do not be that douche! Instead, show them that you are responsible enough, and you can drink with sophistication. This is the part where quality over quantity will be applicable. Top shelf liquor or a high quality wine consumed in moderation is way better than drinking limitless bottles of beer or shots of cheap vodka. It is also important to be aware of the common ingredients in alcoholic drinks as some of them might contain ingredients you are allergic with, making you drunk quicker.

Know Your Limits

Wonder how some people can stay in a club all night without looking stupid on the dance floor? Well, one reason is most probably because they drink in moderation, and more importantly, they know their limits. Think about the last time you have been drunk. How many have you had that time? If you know how many you can consume while staying sane, it will be easy to stay at your best. For some people, having one drink in an hour works best, but this will depend based on individual situations.

Dilute Your Drinks

Sophistication and responsibility when consuming alcoholic drinks is not only determined by learning how much you can drink, but also diluting your drink rather than having it in one shot. You can have it on the rocks or add water. If you want to appear more sophisticated, choose soda or tonic water. You should also make sure you sip your drink and not gulp it. When drinking, it will also be important to skip a drink every now and then or drink a glass of water in between.

Make Sure To Eat

Do not eat with an empty stomach; regardless of how busy you are before you start to drink. This is basically because the food is responsible for slowing the release of alcohol in your small intestine, making it less likely to be drunk. More so, you should also eat while you are drinking. As part of your raised standards during the nights you are out, do not just eat any food, like chips, which are unhealthy. Instead, prioritize quality as well. You should settle for high protein choices, like cheese, meat, and whole grains.

Assign a Driver

Lastly, by demonstrating responsibility, you should also make sure a driver is assigned. If you do not have a personal driver, you should appoint a driver even before pouring the first drink in a glass. Choose the person who is the most responsible for the group, or someone who has control of himself or herself. At the end of the day, it will not hurt if you will just take a cab after a night of drinking. This is going to be a safer option as you no longer need to drive. However, this might be a reason for you to drink beyond what you can as you already have peace of mind that you can go home safely. Do not drink and drive – this is perhaps the bottom line, considering the thousands of death resulting from irresponsible drinking.


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