Inebrial Arts: Bartending

Whether at a home bar or professional establishment, the master of drinks is always the bartender.

History of Bartending

For almost as long as there have been alcoholic drinks, there have been people who prepare and provide them to others: the bartenders.

Here are some great articles to give you a solid understanding of the history of bartending.

Storify has a History of Bartending – where it all started.

Slideshare has a visual history of bartending.

eHow has a very brief, straightforward history of the artful practice. has a slideshow of the 9 most important bartenders in history. has a history of bartending and bartenders.

Let us know if you find great historical resources we should include.

Becoming a Bartender

Bartending can be a serious career, or a hobby you practice at home. Training, practice and skill definitely play a part regardless of where you choose to mix your drinks.

Read our own So… you want to be a bartender five-part series. gives the do’s and don’ts of becoming a bartender

Home bartending is easier than ever thanks to craft cocktail mixers, according to

Thrillist points out 11 things you don’t understand about being a bartender.

Learn the Basics of Bartending on YouTube, though the sound is a bit off.

Let us know if you find great bartending resources we should include.

Home Bartending

Many Inebriati greatly enjoy building and tending their own home bars. For those interested in building, stocking and tending their own, here are some resources.

Build a home bar:

Bar equipment:

Stocking the bar:

The rest is up to you!

Let us know if you find great resources we should include.


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