Inebrial Arts: Cocktails

Make no mistake, this is only a basic introduction to cocktails. The number and type of cocktails increases daily as expert and amateur mixologists create new concoctions to taste.

History of Cocktails

Cocktails are a relatively new and very vibrant part of the adult beverage landscape.

From it’s reputed origin in the late 1700s, the “cocktail” has described the mixing of libations and various ingredients for two centuries. Here’s more on the history of these tasty concoctions. reveals myths and facts about cocktails.

The Telegraph sounds a little jealous that cocktails are considered American, and asserts that it’s more British. has a great video about the history of the cocktail.

Cocktails of the World says the origins remain contested.

Let us know if you find great historical resources we should include.

Cocktail Recipes

As cocktails are a mixing of spirits, sugars, bitters and other ingredients, it’s a bit harder to have straightforward “how it’s made” listings.

So instead, here are some great resources for cocktail recipes that give ingredients and techniques to making them. has an easy to navigate set of recipes of all sorts. lets you enter the ingredients you have and tells you what cocktails you can make. has a rich library and archive of cocktail recipes. has over 22,000 cocktail recipes to overwhelm you.

Let us know if you find great cocktail resources we should include.

Types of Cocktails

There are so many different cocktail recipes that they often can overwhelm beginners. Luckily, there have been attempts to organize the vast libraries into categories.

Here are a few of the attempts to get a handle on the amazing diversity of cocktails.

Seriouseats presents Tippler’s Taxonomy of cocktail categories. organizes categories by ingredients and sometimes events. has a simplified set of categories.

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