Link: Wine Slushies & Cocktail Pops

WINE SLUSHIES: For you, not the kids.

With the advent of summer, sometimes it seems like kids get all the fun drinks. Sure, we have frozen margaritas and the occasional Tom Collins or Mint Julep, but what about slushies? Those awesome frozen concoctions that make time by the pool that much better?

Well, Wine Awesomeness has some simple instructions to make your very own Wine Slushies!

Check it out here!


But wait! Why settle for just a slushie, when you can have a high-octane ice pop?!

20 Boozy Popsicle Recipes

Our friends over at Huffpost Taste have posted multiple recipes that let you turn summer cocktails into summer ice pops! Stop envying the kids with their various icy treats, and make some suitable for adult enjoyment.

So stay cool, have fun, and enjoy your summer!


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