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Welcome to Take 5, your place to take 5 minutes (or less) and learn more about a new beer. This international edition features a beer from Spain.

By Coquo, [email protected]

Take 5 is spending the next couple of months sampling the best (and worst) that Europe has to offer. We will be exploring Spain, France, and Italy, seeing what the average tourist can expect out of Europe’s beer culture.

Cruzcampo is Spain's most sold beer.

Cruzcampo is Spain’s most sold beer.

The Beer:

Cruzcampo is absolutely everywhere in Spain. It is on tap at every bar, in the window of every store, and even on the napkin holders at most cafeterias. It’s not surprising that this is the most sold beer in Spain. A sub-brand of the Heineken empire, Cruzcampo caters to the lower end of the beer spectrum, offering 4.8% ABV for on average 1 euro per pint.

The Smell:

The beer has a very weak aroma. There may be a bit of hops and malt, but overall it just smells like a generic beer, and faintly at that.

The Taste:

Flavored water is probably the most accurate remark I could make about this beer. Flavors are present, but by no means strong. Theres a slight hoppy taste that dissipates quickly which leaves almost no aftertaste. This makes the beer flow down the throat quite easily, especially on a hot day.

The Feel:

Cruzcampo pours with a light head, that is gone before you can take a sip. The carbonation is light, without much variation. As always, as long as its served cold enough it can mask any issues in the mouthfeel department.

ad finem (to end):

Cruzcampo is really just the Budweiser of Spain. You’ll definitely run into it on your travels in Spain, but avoid it if you can. The distinct lack of flavor leads it to be an uninteresting and non-unique beer. I will say, it can be a refreshing taste for a parched mouth, but save your money and get a water. Then head out to the bars and a true Spanish craft beer later that night.

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